Moving company Eindhoven

Moving company Eindhoven

Eindhoven is situated in the southern part of The Netherlands. Eindhoven is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands, located near the Belgian border. Are you going to move to Eindhoven or the large province of Noord Brabant ? It’s a great place to live and work and popular because of the many relocated people at relocation jobs. Everyone in Eindhoven or the wide Brabant region can speak English and the city has a lot to offer to you when it comes to shopping, culture, architecture and nature. When you have kids it’s also a nice place to live with great scholar services.

Moving company Strang is pleased to help you! Since our moving company is located close to Eindhoven, we know everything about this city. That is only one of the reasons why your removal to Eindhoven is in good hands with our moving company. Moreover, we have lots of experience (our moving company was founded in 1881). We offer great moving services and our personnel is well educated and great in English spoken communication. Moving to Eindhoven as an expatriate or with your family? Welcome to Strang top movers!

Relocate flawlessly tot Eindhoven

Did you know that removals belong to the most stressful activities in one’s life? That’s why our moving company offers excellent moving services to ease the process of workforce mobility.

Our company has relocation consultants who even can help you with housing, a work permit, medical support or import your car to your moving house. Also we assist with financial services to get a bank account or signing up at the tax service or an insurance company. We often collaborate with the HRM department of your employer abroad to get everything under control for expats. This extra relocation service is possible by fair priced relocations costs.

How we help international relocation

We offer you moving services so you can get used to your new location as quick as possible. Abroad we have 1,600 relocation agents who collaborate with us. We have our own customs depot when you might have troubles at the border with getting in the Netherlands. Next to standard activities of relocation companies we offer you additional services like our handyman, who mounts your TV to the wall and your lights to the ceiling? You can also make use of our storage service. Here you can bring your relocation package or furniture in a storage in case you have to wait before to get in your new house. The storage service is protected against burglary and fire, is equipped with a modern climate control system and you optionally can conclude an extra insurance for your storage.

Eindhoven is known as the Dutch capital of technology and IT, probably one of the greatest in Europe. A lot of its inhabitants work at high tech companies in Eindhoven, like Philips and ASML. Eindhoven’s inhabitants are often an expatriate as well as people who have been living in Eindhoven from origin. Both for short term expats and for long term expats, the housing market in Eindhoven has great opportunities and facilities. Lots of expats did already enjoy living in Eindhoven and nowadays even more expatriates are moving to Eindhoven. People from more than 100 different countries live in Eindhoven

! It’s a great and inspirational melting pot of people, mostly working in ICT and technique.

Moving back home from Eindhoven

Are you living in Eindhoven at the moment and going to move back home? Then your removal is in good hands with our moving company too. Eduard Strang performs removals from

Eindhoven to other cities in the Netherlands as well as abroad (both in Europe and outside Europe). You can fully rely on our professional removers, who enable you moving back home with great comfort!

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about moving to Eindhoven! We are pleased to help you. You can also contact us if you are interested in requesting a moving quote, which helps you turning your removal to Eindhoven into a pleasant and comfortable experience!